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Founded in 1998 by digital pioneer Becki Donatelli, Campaign Solutions made history by raising the first-ever online donation in politics on our proprietary eDonation platform. Since then, we've gone on to build an award-winning team offering unparalleled expertise in political strategy, online fundraising, advertising, social media, web design and development, data targeting, mobile solutions and more. We've raised over $100,000 per day, every day, for our clients for over 20 years and have served as digital consultants for multiple presidential campaigns, several national conventions, and hundreds of Senate, House, gubernatorial, and local races.

At our core, we believe that politics and the Internet both fundamentally revolve around people, and spend our days (and nights) obsessing over how to better connect clients with the people who support and care about them.

We're a culture of innovators, creators, dreamers, and doers who are convinced that the work we do every day helps make our clients better and more prepared. We have the experience to make it happen, having advised campaigns from the state house to the White House, as well as ballot initiatives, PACs, political organizations, and corporate and non-profit entities.

What We Do

We're experts at capitalizing upon online resources to power offline results. To that end, our award-winning team offers unparalleled expertise in fundraising, advertising, social media, web design and development, messaging, and more.

Digital Strategy

Using the perfect combination of experience and evidence, we use a holistic approach to craft online campaigns that reflect and expand upon offline goals. Working as a key member of your team, our goal is to integrate the web into every part of your organization. We know that politics is a crazy business, which is why our dedication to speed and quality is legendary.

Social Media

Pioneering tactics like geo-social posts and one-click email collection, the Campaign Solutions team is widely regarded as the most effective force in Republican social media. Believing that both politics and the web are fundamentally about people, we’ll help you create great content and build and optimize your social media presence so that your supporters can easily share it with the people they care about.


Campaign Solutions pioneered fundraising on the Internet for politics and public affairs, raising the first online contribution in political history. We are staffed by fundraising professionals who have decades of experience in raising money for candidates, non-profits, and issue campaigns. In fact, we’ve raised more money online than any other Republican consulting firm.

Web Development

Modern web design is as much science as art, and our in-house creative team specializes in generating creative assets that are as beautiful as they are effective. Balancing form with function, we pride ourselves on creating gorgeous designs that produce action, from viral infographics, to conversion-optimized banner ads and landing pages, to websites that drive donations.


Claiming deep expertise across search, display, and social advertising platforms, we’re experts at leveraging the right combination of strategy, creative, and targeting to effectively engage key audiences. Whether you’re aiming to raise donations, build an email list, enhance your branding and profile, or a little of everything, we have the expertise to make it happen.

Mobile Innovation

We follow a “mobile first” strategy in developing every asset within your digital campaign. With increasing numbers of users utilizing a mobile device to consume your content, a unified experience across destkop, tablet, and smartphone is no longer an optional feature – it’s essential to your success. From websites to email, our team are experts in designing services that work flawlessly on every device.

Data and Microtargeting

We use the latest techniques, tools, and strategies to make data-driven decisions on everything we do, from fundraising strategy to advertising and social media campaigns. Elections very often come down to the last, critical voters and our data management and micro-targeting services ensure you’re talking to the right people, in the right places, and at the right time.

Messaging and Branding

A campaign’s only product is its brand, which makes brand integrity the most important foundation upon which everything else is laid. Having managed the brands of some of politic’s most dynamic figures, our team has unparalleled experience and understanding of how to use your campaign’s unique assets to create an enduring, consistent, and winning brand.

Meet the team

With extensive political experience from the State House to the White House, coupled with an in-depth technology and marketing experience unparalleled in our industry, members of the Campaign Solutions team are a rare hybrid of political operative and digital expert.


Becki Donatelli is the President and CEO of Campaign Solutions. An online political pioneer, Becki is the first person to raise political money online.

Guy Short Chief Strategist

Guy Short serves as Chief Strategist for Campaign Solutions and has over 25 years of experience advising political organizations.

Tom Dang Vice President
of Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Tom Dang uses data, information and analysis to ensure accurate accounting and financial matters.

Daniel Ulfe Vice President of
Engineering and Technology

As Vice President of Engineering and Technology, Daniel Ulfe is responsible for the cutting-edge programming that powers our digital applications.

Miles Bruner Client Services

Miles Bruner serves as a Client Services Manager, bringing more than a decade of experience in political management to the team.

Aasma Zahid Accounting

Aasma Zahid plays a key role in all daily accounting activities from preparing financial documents to reviewing and reconciling transactions.

Carter Kidd Chief Operating Officer

Carter Kidd manages day-to-day operations for Campaign Solutions and specializes in web development and online fundraising.

Ryan Waite Senior VP of Advertising and Creative

Ryan Waite manages operations for Campaign Solutions’ west coast presence, and oversees all account work for our western clients.

Jeremy Kenney Vice President of
Applications Development

Jeremy Kenney is an expert in technology for political organizations and specializes in programming and database development.

Marissa Vann Senior Manager and
Digital Creative Director

Marissa brings years of political design experience to the team. She is skilled in graphic design, advertising, branding and creative strategy.

Marissa Marinan Client Services

Marissa Marinan has a diverse background of experience in copywriting, social media, email marketing, and more.

Timothy Nurnberger Chief Human Resources Officer

Timothy Nurnberger is a Human Resources professional responsible for building and scaling HR programs that achieve business objectives.

Dustin Call Vice President of Client Services

Dustin is based in our Southern California office and brings a wealth of experience in California’s political world to Campaign Solutions.

Matt Lenell Vice President of Client Services
and Director of Technology

Matt Lenell joined the Campaign Solutions team in 2013 and serves as Vice President of Client Services and Director of Technology.

Zach Mingo Client Services
Senior Manager

Zach brings nearly a decade of political campaign, advocacy, digital and traditional advertising experience to the team.

Mallory Parker Client Services

Mallory Parker serves as a Client Services Manager and has a deep understanding of the digital communication process.

Eric Frenchman Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Frenchman is a premier Republican digital strategist and has directed $200+ million in political online advertising.

Krista Carter Vice President of Business Development and Client Operations

Krista Carter finds creative solutions to ensure our clients lead the field in digital fundraising.

Maggie Paulin Vice President
of Client Services

Maggie Paulin serves as Vice President of Client Services and brings years of political and grassroots organizing to the Campaign Solutions team.

James Reed Client Services
Senior Manager

James Reed services key client accounts and brings over a decade of experience in politics to Campaign Solutions.

Cho Kiu Wan Accounting

Cho-Kiu Wan serves as an accounting associate at Campaign Solutions and brings many years of diverse accounting experience to our team.

Our Offices


In the heart of the New York metropolitan area, our expertise in political online marketing makes us the industry leader.


Steps from the state capitol, our office has strategists with decades of experience in California politics and ballot initiatives.

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With more than two decades in the industry, Campaign Solutions pioneered online political fundraising, advertising, and digital strategy for Republican candidates, organizations, public affairs groups, and non-profits – and we’re running head first into the years ahead, with a keen eye on what’s best for our clients. Our team is a tight-knit group of thinkers, doers, strategists, political junkies, and digital enthusiasts. If that sounds like the sort of team that you want to be a part of, come along for the ride and let’s find out what lays ahead. Better yet, let’s shape the political and digital landscape our way: together.

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