President & Founder

Rebecca Becki Donatelli - Campaign Solutions
R. Rebecca ‘Becki’ Donatelli is the president and founder of Campaign Solutions / Connell Donatelli. An online political pioneer, Becki is the first person to raise political money on the Internet. Virtually every online innovation for over seventeen years has come out of her team at Campaign Solutions and Connell Donatelli.

As chief internet consultant to John McCain’s two presidential races, she directed the online campaigns that brought the Internet to the forefront of politics and public affairs. During the 2008 cycle, her team raised an unprecedented $100 million online for Sen. McCain’s election. Becki also managed the successful online fundraising efforts for Bush-Cheney ’04, nearly all of the national GOP committees, and scores of Senate, House, and gubernatorial campaigns. The 2012 cycle brought her focus to bear on advertising and social media in the new world of Super PACs and their impact on traditional political races.

Becki brings three decades of political experience to Campaign Solutions. The Non Profit Times named her one of the top “12 most powerful women in direct response marketing” and the Chamber of Commerce honored her as its Business Leader of the Year. She is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants’ prestigious Board of Directors and spent nine years as a trustee of the George Mason University Foundation, serving as Vice Chair of Governance. A graduate of the University of Southern California, she splits her time between the DC and west coast offices.