Daniel Ulfe

Vice President of Engineering
and Technology

As Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Campaign Solutions, Daniel Ulfe leads a team responsible for the cutting-edge programming that powers the applications, websites, and databases for a veritable “who’s who” of Republican candidates, ballot initiatives, and public affairs campaigns. To put it bluntly, Ulfe makes the “hard stuff” look easy. He is often tasked with doing the impossible and more often than not, he succeeds.

Prior to joining the Campaign Solutions team, Ulfe served as a systems analyst and developer for a major multinational manufacturing corporation and as an international data-mining and data-warehouse consultant. A specialist in database design, Ulfe is fluent in MS VB, MS VB.net, MS C#.net, MS ASP.net, MS FoxPro/Visual FoxPro, MS Windows Server administration, MS IIS, MS SQL, MySQL, Object Oriented Modeling/Development, and UML.