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Becki Donatelli comments on new media & 2012 elections on NPR

Today, Campaign Solutions’ president and founder Becki Donatelli was featured in an NPR story, “Digital Media Could Make Or Break Presidential Race,” commenting on the 2012 presidential campaign cycle and the use of new media tools and techniques:

Republican Becki Donatelli, John McCain’s chief Internet strategist during his two presidential runs, says she thinks the 2012 campaign is a jump ball where the Web advantage could go to either party.

Donatelli says politicians on the Web used to try to pull people online from wherever they were to the candidate’s home page — now, they are trying to push.

“Instead of hoping to get them back to a website,” Donatelli says, “we’re delivering them messages on Facebook, [through] targeted advertising, email, pushing out messages to the political landscape.”

So instead of having to visit Sarah Palin’s blog to see what she thinks, you get those messages automatically popping up in your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Read the entire story and listen to the audio clip here.