Email 1:
SL: We deserve so much better

Hey, {{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}} it’s Nancy Mace – the Congressman who dropped out of high school at age 17, worked at Waffle House to put food on the table and ended up being the first female to graduate from the Corps of Cadets program at the Citadel. I need a moment of your time.

The short version:
I’m up against my first quarterly goal of the cycle and I’m short of my fundraising goal. I’m desperate and need to know if I can count on you before the hour is up.

The long version:
This is what I didn’t want to have to share with you, but I have nowhere else to turn. My team just let me know we are still more than 37% short of our first publicly accessible fundraising deadline, and if we don’t meet it, we will be in a very vulnerable position.

Keep in mind this seat was held by a Democrat in 2020, and they’ve been gunning to flip it back since then. But I’m a fighter and I won’t go down without a battle.

You know how bad things are now… but imagine how much worse they’ll get if Democrats flip every purple seat like mine.

What’s happening in America right now is horrifying. Kids are being used as political pawns, radical liberal ideas are becoming mainstream, the woke media is prioritizing clicks and view over the truth, and our so-called ‘leaders’ have sold themselves out for fame and fortune.

As Americans, we deserve so much better than this. It’s time to restore our economy, secure the southern border, put parents back in charge, support our military, and reestablish pride in our country.

So now you see why I had to reach out to you today and ask for your immediate help. Can I rely on you to make a secure donation today and help me keep this seat Republican?


This race is shaping up to be one of the most competitive seats next cycle, and we can’t take any chances. Democrats are all in to take this back – we can’t afford to fall short of any goals.

It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough! I’m running for re-election because I believe I’m the woman who can help save our country. I’m in Washington week in and week out, fighting for you and your family – I have a 100% record of voting to lower taxes and a 100% lifetime rating with Conservation Voters of South Carolina!

I need to know if you’ll have my back in this critical moment.

For the First,

Nancy Mace

Email 2:
SL: Desperately need you to respond

{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}}, I’m getting desperate, and I don’t know what to do…

Election Day is 7 days away and unless I can raise an additional $9,428 before midnight, I’m not sure I’ll have the resources to win.

I’m sorry to come to you so frantically but I really need your help – can I count on you to step forward with a donation of ANY AMOUNT in the next hour?


This election is about freedom – about ensuring the radical extremists in Washington don’t change our country forever. Everything is on the line, and we can’t afford to have a single patriot sit on the sidelines.

I know money is tight, but I NEED YOU!

Can you respond to me before it’s too late?

I have my phone on me and will be waiting for your response, PLEASE don’t let me down!

For America,
Nancy Mace

Email 3:
SL: Coming to you first

{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}},

I don’t know how to tell you this, but I’ve been really stressed lately, and I really need your help.

You see if I don’t raise an additional $6,421 before midnight, it might be over for me.

So, I’m coming to my most loyal and dedicated supporters first – will you rush in a donation in the next 15 minutes, so I can meet my midnight deadline and sleep easy tonight?


Polling is showing that we have an edge – but this is a purple district! Anything is possible, and we can’t afford to take any chances… especially with Pelosi putting a huge target on my back.

I know we can win this, but only if you rush your support to me in the next 15 minutes – can I count on you to step forward?


For America,

Nancy Mace

Email 4:
SL: Here are the updated numbers

Hey {{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}},

I’ve spent the entire afternoon reviewing the numbers with my finance team, and here’s the short of it: the pace we are raising money is not going to cut it.

Two years ago, this seat was Blue, and we barely flipped – meaning our race is a top target for Pelosi because she knows it’s a purple district.

We have a strong team on the ground, and a big chunk of our fundraising budget goes towards buying pizza for volunteers, providing yard signs to folks, and keeping this campaign running.

When we miss our weekly goals, even by a couple of hundred bucks, we have to pull back on all our campaigning efforts – and we really can’t afford to backpedal with the election just 61 days away.

So, now you see why I had to reach out. I truly wouldn’t ask for your help if I didn’t need it, but your generous donation makes a huge impact in a race like mine.

I need 49 donors to step forward to help reach our goal this week, can I count on you?

You can donate here –>{{email}}

My team and I have a follow-up meeting to discuss the budget tomorrow at 12pm, so please help out before then.

Thanks for all you’re doing.

-Nancy Mace


Email 5:
SL: About our new video

{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}},

I just released my FIRST advertisement of the cycle, and I wanted to make sure you saw it!

Joe Biden has failed America, and we’re reminded of that every day at our kitchen tables. Please take a moment out of your day to watch my new advertisement, and then pitch in $10 or more to get it on the air.


Without your help, we only have enough funds to keep this ad on the air for a couple more days. In a district like mine, we need to ensure EVERY undecided voter sees this on TV.

Here’s why keeping our ad on air is SO critical:

In 2020 we BARELY flipped this seat, because I was Pelosi’s #1 target and she’s after me again.
The Left is outraising Republicans 3:1, and our chance of winning back the House is rapidly decreasing each week.
Every day we waste off-air is another chance for my radical opponent to pull ahead in this critical race.

I’m relying on the support of grassroots donors who want to see real change happen in America. Will you donate to my campaign to keep our ads on air?

Thank you for your support,

Nancy Mace

Email 6:
SL: What I learned along the way

{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}},

At 17 years old, I dropped out of high school and started waitressing at the local Waffle House to put food on the table.

Like a lot of Americans, I struggled to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck as I also worked to earn my high school diploma taking classes at a technical college. I got by without government handouts or radical socialist policies – and I am a better woman because of it.

I went from Waffle House to Washington, with a few stops in between, but my first job taught me many lessons I use in Congress to this day: the value of hard-work, kindness, and perseverance.

I’m running for re-election because I understand the real problems American families are dealing with and how to find sustainable solutions. I didn’t grow up with millions in the bank, and a silver spoon in my mouth. My dad was an Army General and my mom a schoolteacher. My parents taught me the key to success, work.

And working is what I’ve been doing since I was 17.

Congress is in desperate need of people like me – someone who understands having to make the choice between gas or groceries because you only have enough dollar bills in your wallet to cover one or the other. Someone who knows what it’s like to earn a living and make sacrifices.

It’s people like you and me who should be representing America – not the liberal-elites who are used to always getting their way (or buying their way).

But here’s where I need your help – the rich continue to run Congress because they have the funds to do so. But I have you…

I’m relying on the support of grassroots donors who want to see real change happen in America. Will you make a donation to my campaign to send a hard-working, every-day American back to Washington?

$1 »
$3 »
$10 »
$25 »

There was a time in my life where I never thought I would graduate high school, let alone serve in Congress. I’ve never forgotten the feeling of being 17, so lost and confused but also filled with so much ambition to make a life for myself.

I am taking the same ambition to Congress, to fight for you. Join me and let’s shake up Congress together.

For America,

-Nancy Mace

P.S. I know money is tight, but truly one dollar can make a difference in a campaign like mine because these races come down to the last minute and the last dollar. So, if you only have a dollar to spare, please know how thankful I am for your support, and I hope to continue to make you proud in Congress.

Email 7:
SL: [External] My meeting just ended
{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}} – I just hopped out of a meeting and had to send you a message, because we failed…

Watch this video I recorded for you and make an EMERGENCY donation to help us pick up the pace!


-Nancy Mace

Email 8:
SL: New numbers just dropped

Democrats dominate among small-dollar donors.

Here’s the deal, {{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}} – Republicans are being outraised, across the board, like never before.

It’s being reported that Democrats are bringing in more than double what Republicans raising. You do realize what is at stake, {{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}} If Democrats keep the House AND the Senate this November, things are going to get a lot worse…

Will you step up and make an emergency donation today—even just $10 or $20—and help keep this race competitive?


{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}}, Republicans do not have this election in the bag, and we cannot afford to fall short on major fundraising goals. I really need your help today if we’re going to win this key seat.

Please step up immediately.

Thank you and God bless,

Nancy Mace

Email 9:
SL: Less whining, more working

“Drama queen” doesn’t even begin to cover this kind of behavior, {{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}}.

When Rep. Ilhan Omar was removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee, it came as no surprise, Democrats used racism as an excuse for being kicked off, instead of acknowledging her long record of bigoted and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

One of the many problems with “the squad” is there is no accountability for their bad behavior – they operate from a blame, blame, blame perspective.

Enough of the drama queens – it’s time to actually do some work, which by the way, Republicans have been doing since we re-took the House!

I’m in Washington, making things better for my constituents and all Americans. Democrats are in Washington complaining and whining. Yet, Liberal leaders are gunning for my seat in 2024 to elect another petulant whiner.

Can I rely on your urgent donation, so I have the resources to keep this seat red, and keep the whining drama queens OUT of Congress and important committees?


If you support LESS whining and MORE working from elected officials, then I need you to have my back today.

For America,
Nancy Mace

Email 10:
SL: The most purple district in America

{{#if [FirstName]}}{{[FirstName]}}{{else}}Fellow American{{/if}},

In 2020, I flipped this seat from blue to red. I won by a single percentage point.

Last year, I ran a tough race against a woke liberal who didn’t represent South Carolinian values.

Now, my district is being redrawn and Democrats are preparing to invest millions into taking back this seat and the House majority.

We cannot waste a single second – I’m looking for your immediate investment to keep this seat RED.


I’m urgently counting on your support as we field off the attacks and prepare for the fight ahead.

Nancy Mace