Google Goes Back To The Future

Google recently announced a ban on political microtargeting starting January 2020. What this means is that political advertisers can no longer upload voter files for targeting, use Google’s political audiences, remarketing audiences and look a like audiences.

In effect, Google is going back to the future because now political advertisers won’t be able to target advertising to their most critical voters.

While it is extremely disappointing that Google outlawed theses preferred one to one marketing tactics, we’ll now have to use previously relied upon tactics making it much more difficult for smaller, less funded campaigns.

Back before voter file targeting was universally available for political advertisers, the entire targeting options were geography, demographics, keywords, site targeting as well as content targeting (Google’s indexing of websites into content categories). The news in the announcement is that these more seasoned techniques are now the only ones available to political advertisers. This complicates marketing tactics because you can no longer just rely on loading up lists… you now need to be much smarter about who is seeing your ads. Frequent optimizations and drilling down into the data will now be much more important to guarantee the right people are seeing your ads.

Partnering with Campaign Solutions CDIAds can help you navigate these changes with minimal impact to your digital advertising tactics. For pure acquisition efforts run by CDIAds, Google’s ban will have little to no impact on your results because we rely on our proprietary optimization tool called BTR.

With BTR, our proprietary media analytics software for real time acquisition optimization, we use real time data to know how many new emails were added to your file as well as donations. This avoids the need for suppression lists and the type of targeting recently eliminated by Google.

We also have earned numerous industry awards for our search marketing efforts and those techniques are still available in Google’s post microtargeting world. For your display advertising efforts, we can use combinations of BTR for optimization as well as Google’s back to the future targeting tools to deliver great results. For persuasion advertising efforts we will contrast Google’s options and potential results with other digital advertising partners, bringing you the best results for your marketing dollars.