Latest “Debate Bingo” Online Game Isn’t Actually All That New

Tonight marks the official start of primary debate season, with the first GOP presidential primary debate at 9 PM EST in Cleveland, Ohio.

To “prepare” their own supporters for the GOP Debate, the Democratic National Committee recently emailed a link to fundraising page with a printable “Debate Bingo” card, which would allow viewers to participate in an interactive game focused on the possible phrases used during the debate.

But this idea isn’t actually new to the campaign world. Our own Senior Database Administrator, Jeremy Kenney, created a similar game way back in 2003 for primary debates on behalf of the Republican Nation Committee. Jeremy’s digital bingo card featured a series of predicted phrases, allegations, and confrontations, as well as the faces of Democrat debate participants. The game was a hit—attracting nearly 39,000 registered hits and attention from major news outlets like The Washington Post. Unlike today’s DNC version, the 2003 debate bingo card could be printed out, or played interactively online. And that was over ten years ago.

We’re excited by so many of the innovations our team members have brought to the table, especially those that have stood the test of time, like “Debate Bingo.” Much of what are now standard online political tools and tactics were first designed and executed by members of the Campaign Solutions team, and we’re proud to be the first to introduce these pioneering strategies. What new ideas do we have up our sleeve for your campaign or organization? Contact us today to find out. And enjoy tonight’s debate!