Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli Wins Reed Award for Best Online Display Advertising 2014

January 23rd, 2015, Campaign Solutions/Connell Donatelli won the 2014 Reed Award for Best Online Display Advertising in recognition of our work done for John Bolton Super PAC.

Ambassador Bolton had a simple goal — put national security at the center of the debate in 2014. We helped make it a reality through personality modeling and personal-driven message delivery.

The result: we were able to connect with voters in a way that had never been attempted before — crafting unique messages written specifically to connect with each individual on a deep level and delivering these messages with exacting precision to a pool of 2.1 million targeted voters.  

Independent research confirms a 76% lift from John Bolton’s targeted national security messages in key statewide races during the 2014 election.

We’re honored to have received a Reed award, but more importantly, we’re proud to have been part of achieving the Ambassador’s goal.