Our 2015 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Finalist

We are proud to announce that Jason Johnson, our Creative Director, is a top 10 finalist in the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest!
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Jason’s work and influence has been central to our team of creative geniuses since 2006, and he always strives to scratch that creative itch in both work and play.

When Doritos announced their contest, he wondered, just how far would two kids go to get their hands on dad’s bag of nacho cheese Doritos?

Inspired by his kids and starring his own 8 & 7 year old, Jason spent a weekend filming “Trouble in the Back Seat,” AND he did it all with just a little help from his family of 8, a couple of neighbors, and $100.

Follow this link to watch AND REMEMBER, you can vote for it once each day on each device.

No Hollywood actors, or big production budgets…just a cute spot with a lot of heart. Vote early, vote often, and always vote for Jason Johnson.

Congrats Jason!