A Fantastic User Experience from Litmus

User experience (UX) and satisfaction is a key to many levels of success across the digital sphere. It crucial to keep the human being as priority number one when designing products in order to achieve an idyllic experience on websites, within emails, on social media, and on contribution and payment forms.

In this vein, Campaign Solutions just started a two week trial of Litmus, an app that previews HTML emails across over thirty email clients, plus a variety of devices and browsers.

Right off the bat, Litmus displayed a keen awareness and attention to detail. The well designed sign up form immediately recognized my email address from a previous visit, and I was welcomed back to their site with a personalized message.

Impressed by the user experience already, I tweeted out my gratitude:

Then, something interesting happened. The site asked me for my password, which I was clueless to what it may be. After trying a few password standbys, I chose their “Forgot password?” option. Constantly refreshing my email for further instructions or a security question/hint, unfortunately no such message appeared until this email – clearly a result of Litmus’ form knowing I had entered an incorrect password moments before:

While I loved that their automated email responded directly to my slight frustration and provided a rational solution, I still could not reset my password. Not sure what to do, I went back to the site and filled out a “Get In Touch” form that was located on the bottom of the page.

Within minutes, I received a personal email from Danielle, a customer service representative at Litmus, and was provided the reset password. I was amazed by her prompt, accurate, and personal response to my inquiry, which I had assumed would simply fall into the ether, if communicating with other customer service forms on other websites were any indication.

Meanwhile, I got another automated email from Litmus, this time with a message recognizing that I had started filling out their free trial form, but that I had not completed it. This gentle (and humorous) digital nudge was sent my way, which was a better method of getting users to complete an action than what many similar companies often do (which is nothing, all too typically).

Writing back and thanking Danielle for her help, I was again pleasantly surprised when I received yet another response from her, thanking me again for signing up, Tweeting about my positive experience, and even offering to send me a t-shirt as a way to show their customer appreciation.

As if this process wasn’t easy enough, Litmus’ user experience demonstrated a superior attention to detail, providing me with excellent service, and a seamless experience sealing the deal.

If the high level of empathy and excellent communication skills of the Litmus staff is any indication of what’s to come next, we’re in for a great experience with Litmus and we’re excited to get started.