The first ad, about you.

Today we’re proudly unveiling an application we’ve been working for Ending Spending Action Fund, the first truly personalized ad spot in politics. It’s called “The Ad About You”, and is a first-of-its-kind online application utilizing a Facebook user’s photos of family and friends to deliver and enhance a personalized political message.

Using Facebook social data, the app determines tagged photos most likely to be meaningful to a user, and displays them to coincide with relevant messaging points regarding President Obama’s record on the economy. The result is a deeply personal experience that compels the user to think about those closest to them, while wondering about the next four years — the critical question in any re-election campaign.

Previous applications of similar technology exist in projects like “Take This Lollipop” and Facebook’s Timeline Movie Maker. This app is the first to be developed without using Adobe Flash, instead utilizing a cutting-edge combination of HTML5 and JavaScript to render the experience on PCs and tablets alike. The app also uses Facebook’s Open Graph platform to enable easy sharing.

Visit and give it a try today!