The Antidote to Generational Apathy

I am part of the generation of twenty something’s who have been branded by our apathy towards the myriad of world and political events. Anything beyond our reality television obsessions or team standings (and don’t be mistaken my DVR is still set to Bravo weekly and I check the San Francisco Giants homepage almost as often as Facebook) simply isn’t on our radar.

However, with our Facebook friends and their musings in our pockets, with each and every Twitter follow and follower tweeting minute-by-minute movements, there is no denying that our streams of consciousness have found not only a voice, but also an audience though the advent of social networks.

After all it was my indifferent generation who breathed life into this platform, so inevitably we have developed an influence to match. While my own expressions reflect a signature enthusiasm for food and adventures, my voice has unexpectedly discovered its ability to impact others.

Organically friends and followers click, share, like and re-tweet my sundry contemplations. So why not harness the ability to utilize this influence, by disseminating information and sparking the dialogue. Frankly these real world reflections don’t always or even have to manifest themselves in a profound political prose; but sharing genuine opinions (instead of Brian Wilson’s Dynamite video) just maybe our secret weapon.

The way I see it, the antidote to our generational apathy is already part of our daily routine. My voice resonates on each of my friend’s walls and my follower’s twitter feeds, so when I choose to actively embrace the potential of my impact I also choose to combat the apathy that has strangled our generation from translating our thoughts to our actions. Now is the time to prove the medium’s true value to the 2012 equation…